Medical Waste Disposal

FYI a local provider for tenants who need medical waste disposal.  The building will continue to provide sharps container pickup but not red bag, or regulated medical waste under federal, state or local laws, rules regulations and guidelines

“Biohazard Waste” is often described in terms as such or as biomedical, red bag, or regulated medical waste under federal, state or local laws, rules regulations and guidelines. The following waste streams are considered Biohazard Waste as they are contaminated with blood and/or Other Potentially Infectious Materials (OPIM):

Blood- Includes waste blood, serum plasma, and the products and components of blood.

Sharps: Includes hypodermic needles, syringes, scalpels, pipettes, broken glass, and other medical instruments that have come into contact with infectious agents during patient care or laboratory research.

Dialysis wastes, including contaminated disposable equipment and supplies: Includes tubing, filters, disposable sheets, towels, gloves, aprons, and lab coats.

Cultures and stocks of infectious agents and associated biological: Includes (i) specimens from medical and pathology laboratories, (ii) cultures and stocks of infectious agents from clinical, research, and industrial laboratories, (iii) disposable culture dishes, (iv) devices used to transfer, inoculate, and mix cultures, (v) waste from production of biologicals, and (vi) discarded live and attenuated vaccines. This category is considered infectious because of its high concentrations of pathogenic organisms.

Isolation Wastes: Includes waste generated by patients placed in insulation to protect others from communicable diseases.

Containment equipment: Includes equipment used in patient care, medical laboratories, research, and in the production and testing of certain pharmaceuticals.

Laboratory wastes: Includes (i) contaminated specimen containers, slides and cover slips, and (ii) contaminated disposable gloves, lab coats, and aprons. "Contaminated" is defined as the presence or the reasonably anticipated presence of blood or other potentially infectious materials.

Other wastes: Various other biological waste and discarded material contaminated with or exposed to blood, excretion, or secretions from human beings or animals.

Eco Medical offers complete removal, transportation, disposal, and treatment of red bag waste. Our process is the most environmentally conscious method of disposal with 90% reduction on landfill impact and zero emissions compared to other processes. Our process emits pure OXYGEN! It is also one of the lowest costs of red bag biohazardous waste disposal which gives our clients a guaranteed cost savings.

Service Schedule:Daily,Weekly,Bi-Weekly,Monthly,Quarterly, and Annually

Eco Medical offers a Personalized Service tailored to ensure your practice is compliant and meets your Red Bag disposal needs both regulatory and financially. 

Contact us today and get one month FREE!

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